How to Attract Top Quality Clients

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How to Attract Top Quality Clients

For maximum profit, you must be able to attract top-quality clients. While it is part of great customer service to attend to all enquiries and serve all potential customers, attracting the best clients can speed your track towards better revenue. This strategy will take away the wasted minutes or hours spent on those who are not your ideal clients.

Identify your Top 20% Clients

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If you have an existing business, it is easier to zero in on top-quality clients. Take a look at your sales records and identify reliable and loyal consumers.

Who are your top 20% clients?

Whether you have a digital or traditional record-filing system, you will easily find your top 20%. Make sure you focus on the quality and not just the numbers.

Who are they exactly?

These customers have been availing of the most expensive products or services or buying the most number of products or services from your business. You have to consider both quality and frequency.

While it is easy to find clients who make the most frequent visits, you must also inspect the quality and total cost. Some clients may come less often, but they can make the most of each visit. Make a list of clients who deliver on both points.

Give Your Top Clients the VIP Treatment

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Once you have identified your top clients, provide them with the VIP treatment. Most businesses have their own way of showing this type of treatment.

What are some ways to do this?

You can offer special thank you cards, birthday greetings, and other personalised messages if you have a mailing list.

Recommendations, generated according to their preferences, will also make them feel heard. You can also assign an agent who can personally support this top client online or in person. 

Discount and membership cards can also be given to top-tier clients. You may not be a bank, but you can create similarly prestigious black and gold cards, for example.

Get Referrals

If a client is a reliable source of revenue, he may point you towards similar people. Provide a referral incentive that will let him eagerly provide you with more potential top clients.

More likely, a conscientious client hangs with people with similar interests and product or service needs. Some customers will be willing to give you referrals for free.

For a quicker application of this strategy, you can have a referral program in place. For example, if you have a monthly subscription app, you can give an immediate discount for every referral coming from an existing customer.

Define your Marketing Strategy

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Relying solely on your existing clients and their loyalty to your business is not a good marketing strategy. The top three points, however, are still important in taking full advantage of what you already have.

Nevertheless, it is important to ask yourself some questions.

  • What are your business and sales goals?
  • What is your point of difference?
  • Who are your target consumers?
  • How do you attract them?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses, especially when compared to your competitors?

Establish credibility

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There are many ways in which you can build your reputation. The most traditional one is to keep on doing good work to maintain your current clientele’s trust. However, you should create a digital presence in the right networks where your audience hangs out in today’s modern world. 

You may experience a popularity boost after you activate your social media, but never forget to maintain your reputation by consistently offering good products and services.

Continue Delivering on Your Niche

Your top client was attracted to your brand for a reason so, you must continue delivering on your niche.

For example, you are a yoga studio owner. Therefore, your website’s content should focus on yoga and related topics. You can expand on it by offering articles on general health and well-being. Your brand and website should both be updated based on the latest developments.

Not only should you continue offering products that support your brand identity, but you should also produce content on it.

Your content can be posted on your official website or sent through your mailing list. It can cover the latest on your brand and its links with the rest of the community.

Become a Thought Leader

This point is related to the previous one. Since you will be delivering service, quality, and content related to your niche, you should be able to relay your original thoughts on your products, brand, related latest researches, and more. 

Being original and content-focused will help you achieve a following of similarly passionate prospective and existing clients. Your content leadership will assure your clients that you genuinely care about them.

Select Your Channels

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Being a thought leader does not mean you will only communicate through channels that you are comfortable with; you must embrace various opportunities.

If you are comfortable with public speaking, you may consider speaking engagements. By doing these, you can directly communicate with your target audience. Choosing this channel is especially helpful if you are willing to have a real-time conversation with your target audience.

Because most businesses have already gone digital, you may consider reaching more potential clients by using online advertising, email marketing, and content marketing. You can build yourself as a thought leader in your niche, yes, but you need to know how to market those thoughts.

Through email marketing, you can maintain a relationship with your top clients and welcome new ones who have subscribed to your mailing list. Then, you can direct your subscribers to your website, which houses most of your content. The articles should not only be well written but should also follow SEO rules. After all, your target readers must be able to find your content amid many others on the World Wide Web. Finding the right keywords is just the tip of the iceberg.

Have a digital marketing plan

There is no avoiding digital marketing nowadays. If you don’t want to leave your business back in the 20th century, you need to implement a digital marketing plan.

While posting content regularly on your website and social media can work, it does not reveal a clear scheme. You must know what you should do with the tools that you have.

For example:

  • Do you know how to keep your clients engaged?
  • Do you have mailing list templates prepared for every occasion? or an automated sequence of emails?
  • Are there special events and promotions that you feel can grab and keep the attention of your potential and current clients?

A digital marketing plan is a tangible document that illustrates your business’ short-term and long-term goals. It should also show the path you must take to reach your goals. The plan will include your strategies and channels, as you probably have already guessed. However, it will also indicate the budget, timelines, steps, and point persons involved in making the plan real.

Communicate Your Value

As a thought leader, you should have no problems communicating your value. Every post that you publish shows exactly what your brand’s value is.

Your willingness to use a more modern medium is also passing on the message that you are willing to keep on improving.

Provide Value

Not all your website and brick-and-mortar store visitors are old consumers. Some are just trying to test what you can offer.

The getting-to-know-you part can make or break the relationship. So, make sure that what you are offering is a fair preview of the quality that you will be offering after.

The value that you provide in your preview should entice your potential clients to commit to your products and services. When the client finally purchases a product or service from you, you have to continue delivering value. Think about all the touchpoints!

Listen to Your Target Audience

To better serve and attract top-quality clients, you must listen to feedback, improve your products and services. Valuing the thoughts and needs of your clients will help you keep your patrons. Of course, this does not mean that you will change your planned course of action. If people want to change the image and brand you have always intended to pursue and maintain, you can hold your ground. However, you can also find ways to compromise.

Make sure that current clients feel heard by providing several channels of communication. Maintain an accessible customer service centre so that existing clients will get assistance.


Attracting and keeping top-quality clients can help you grow your company. By being able to recognize who values your brand, you are better able to serve them. Again, this does not mean to say you will not attend to queries from new, hesitant potential clients. Some of them may just need a little push and assurance to become one of your best supporters. You just need to be able to distinguish between earning potential and a waste of time.

Remember that sales and marketing are the lifeblood of your business. Without applying them, you won’t have a thriving business. You may have a novelty in your hands, only successful when still fresh. If you want to attract more top-quality clients, you can schedule a free call here and I can help you formulate your digital marketing plan.

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